Popeseye/ Rump Frying Steak

Very Lean & Tender


Extra Lean Rump Steak Mince

Extra Lean & Versitile


Steak Mince

Lean & Versatile


Fillet Steak

Exceptionaly Tender


Round Rump Steak (Sliced)

Lean Steak For Braising


Rib of Beef (Bone In)

The King of Beef Roasts


Beef Olives

Scottish Favorite


Rib-Eye Roasting Joint

Great Well Marbled Roast


Sirloin Roasting Joint

Tender Roasting Joint


Rolled Brisket Joint

Great Flavour & Value


Silverside Roasting Joint

Extra Lean Roasting Joint


Diced Shoulder Steak

Perfect for stews or casseroles


Sirloin Steak

Tender & Full of Flavour


Ribeye Steak

The Chefs Favourite

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